Festive Stuffed Onions In Tangy Sauce

Festive Stuffed Onions in Tangy SauceMy mom always makes this dish for holiday meals. It’s one of those recipes with the satisfying quality of looking like a seriously complicated, fancy dish – while being actually incredibly simple to put together. With it’s festive look, it’s always a winning dish, and people normally ooh and aah over it when it is served (sometimes they even clap). Continue reading

Churban: Sweet & Spicy Meat Sauce (Plus a Vegan Alternative)

ChurbanGet ready for a dish that’s so easy to make, it’s going to make [insert-your-most-easily-done-activity] look difficult. I’m serious. It’s one of those things that belongs in the arsenal of secrets that super-moms keep. It’s delicious, satisfies both grownups and kids, nutritious, and is ready within minutes. Did I mention it’s really, really, really easy to make? Continue reading

Far-East Majadra – Far Out

This one is a real favorite. It’s very easy to make but looks and tastes awesome. Majadra is a Middle-Eastern dish that is basically made of rice, green lentils, caramelized onions, and spices. The Far-East version contains a slightly different spice blend, giving an old favorite a new twist. It gets its oriental flavors from curry and soy sauce, rather than the cumin used in the usual version.

Please don’t let the list of ingredients scare you off of making this recipe! It looks like a long list, but it’s mostly spices!

I like to serve it in the pot it was cooked in and in layers of ingredients, but you are welcome to mix it all together (but you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?) Continue reading