Wow. Where to begin? I am inpired by so many things. So many little, random things. Some of these are also in my list of Just a Few of My Favorite Things

(Sneak peak: Old-School Crayons, Monarch Butterflies, Glass Bottles, Fresh Linen, Mint Tea, The Beach in November, Turning Leaves, Birthday Cakes, Babies, Scarves, Tulips, Rainbows, Plaid…)

These are all such gracefully made works of art. Other food blogs are also works of art, and are also quite inspiring to me.

These are some of them. If you don’t know them already, get to know them!

Other Graceful blogs:

vegan lovlie

smitten kitchen

nutritionist in the kitch

minimalist baker

chocolate covered katie

bazek alim (Hebrew)

dvarim be alma (Hebrew)

edible poetry (Hebrew)

bissim (Hebrew)

bishul iti (Hebrew)

But… My biggest inspiration are the people in my life.

I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who are smart, witty, and sensitive. My mom inspires me constantly. I should be so lucky if I end up half the graceful wife, mother, and woman that she is. My father inspires me to keep calm and look at problems with creativity and humor, which is good, because what life doesn’t come with problems, really? My little brothers inspire and amaze me with almost everything they do. It’s amazing to see someone that you’ve known since they were born grow and change so much. And last but definitely not least, my husband, Mr. Graceful, who is one of the most graceful people I know (although  he will try to convince you otherwise), who never ceases to amaze and surprise me with the depth that his inner grace actually reaches.


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