“Grilled” Eggplant With Tahini

Grilled Eggplant with Tahini by The Graceful Kitchen

This small side dish is one of those gems I just don’t know how I ever lived without. It is extremely simple to make, so much that I consider it a “food hack” – you know, one of those things that are insanely simple but so, so good? (Why does it have to be a “but”? It seems that the BEST things out there are the simple ones!) Continue reading


For the Love of Triangles! or: 5-Flavor Mini Purim Cookies

Mini Purim Cookies

One hundred and twenty three. That’s how many triangular little cookies I shaped since yesterday. No, I have not gone insane. First of all, compulsive acts of baking on my part are not exactly a rare sight in the Graceful residence. And second of all… It’s nearly Purim! Continue reading

Lentil Tahini Curry

This is one of those recipes that are born out of necessity. After this September, I decided I need to really ease down on my meat consumption. For those of you unfamiliar with Jewsih holidays, they can all be summed up as something along the lines of “They tried to kill us. They didn’t succeed. Let’s eat.”

But really. Soooo much food. And September is loaded with four back-to-back holidays, so there wasn’t even a break in between. Think along the lines of Thanksgiving that lasts three weeks. Yeah. Too much food.

SO I resorted to eating salads, but we were in the East Coast visiting Mr. Graceful’s family, and whaddaya know? Autumn there is actually cold! This meant that after a few days of salads, I needed something to warm me up. Preferably something that can be made very spicy. Continue reading